Beggars Who Want To Be Choosers


When we think of beggars we normally imagine people in tattered clothes looking not too happy and sitting in public places holding out their hand in the hope of passersby giving some money. This is the usual image of begging that most people have in their mind.

Sympathy for Genuine Beggars

I have sympathy for those who are in genuine need and who have to beg to survive. They do not do it out of choice I think since circumstances have pushed them to it. I myself give to them quite regularly for they must undergo some physical and mental hardships. At least they accept that they cannot have a grand and lavish lifestyle.

An attitude of mind that is in accordance to that very well-known phrase ‘beggars can’t be choosers’.

However, There Exists Another Type of Beggar

There are some extremely miserly people in this world who live in a property (that they might well own) and have regular paid employment. But, they have a rather astonishing attitude that it would be excruciatingly painful to have to spend even a few pennies of their own money.

They try to get as much free stuff as possible and also try very hard to get others to pay for them as much as possible. I’m talking here not just about necessities like food and clothing but also luxuries and high living, like entertainment and holidays. These are comparatively well to do people who have a huge amount of earnings and savings – and I have been told that some of them might even be millionaires!

Beggars by Choice

These people are in effect beggars by choice!

In my opinion they are absolutely disgraceful and some might even say that they are plainly despicable. A very fundamental lesson in life that I have learnt is that money is made mainly for the purposes of spending.

One might well end up spending around 90 to 95% of one’s income in order to pay for daily expenses and general well-being – which might include some luxuries as well as necessities, And in this case would allow a person to put away 5 to 10% of their income as savings to guard against a ‘rainy day’.

These particular beggars, however, do the opposite I have been told. Instead, they save around 90% of their income (which could be quite considerable) and spend just some 10% of it. And most of them actually have a family to support.


Most of these people are always groaning that they don’t have the life of their choosing. My message to them is that is either spend a reasonable amount of your income or quit the complaining and ditch the expectation of having the life of your choosing.

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